Chigger Ridge Ranch - Katahdin Hair Sheep Rams for Sale

We do not anticipate doing any breeding stock sales this year...

We cut back our flock this Fall and are reorganizing our breeding program... We are not planning on trying to do any brood stock sales in 2013. We will be keeping the best, and as usual our inferior stock will NOT be sold as breeders. Sorry to disappoint some of you, but look for us again in 2014 - better than ever we hope!

Chigger Ridge Ranch

The below pictured rams are NOT for sale. We often get asked for photos of our current main sire rams, so thought we would include them here.

Zea Man 3 is a two year old flock sire of our breeding. He has only been dewormed once in his life, has an excellent coat, and shows very nice conformation. He is from a line that tends to twin and triplet consistently. He threw very fast growing lambs last year.

George is out of a ram we bought from Mark Dennis of Country Oak Ranch in Louisiana. He shows his sire's muscling and coat. He is very non-aggressive for a ram, is extremely parasite resistant and has been producing wonderful offspring.

The "Boys" from behind.