Locally Grown Produce. Nationwide, today's consumers have a high preference for locally grown and produced farm products. Why? The number one reason is a growing concern for food safety with the alarming number of imported food recalls. It is also common knowledge that growth hormones and routine antibiotic administration to meat animals can be detrimental to human health. People like to be sure that livestock are raised using humane practices meeting both the physical and psychological needs of the animal. As people have moved from rural to urban areas, they no longer feel that they have control over these important concerns. There are growing movements throughout the country to shop at local farmer's markets and to "know your farmer". Chigger Ridge is dedicated to this type of relationship with our customers. We practice sustainable agriculture.


Chigger Ridge home grown domestic white rabbit meat is available locally in Middle TN. Rabbit is lower in cholesterol, fat, and calories and higher in protein than any other commercially raised meat animal (including chicken)! Please click on the "Delicious Domestic Rabbit" button below for more information.



We are having a rabbit broodstock reduction sale starting January 1st 2015! We plan to remain in business but are cutting down on our rabbit numbers. We have "done it all" with rabbits from commercial breeders, to restaurants, to farmers markets, to rabbit buyers, to pet food industry and we have never failed to make money on them. However, they are a time intensive form of agriculture and we are getting older with more health issues and want to slow down our production. So this is the perfect time for YOU to obtain some truely awesome breeding stock selected for over 10 years that we would normally never sell. We have New Zealands and Altex from 4 months to 3.5 years old (still producing full litters). We have eliminated any rabbits that we would not continue to breed with and are only offering top producers. In the future, you will only be able to obtain Chigger Ridge genetics a few times a year - so act now if you are wanting to improve your herd.

Our rabbits are selected and bred for commercial meat production - not for shows. In our New Zealand White doe rabbits we look for maternal traits such as large litters, well developed nests, good milking ability and strong maternal instincts. We offer select NZW does and bucks for sale. We crossbreed for meat production to an Altex sire rabbit and are now able to offer Altex sires and does for sale to other rabbit producers. The Altex is the only breed of rabbit based on years of university research over 20 generations to be genetically selected for heavy 70 day market weights. Faster growth = less feed = profitable rabbit enterprise! For those farmers or producers now considering rabbits as an alternative agricultural enterprise, here are a couple of interesting facts: 1) A doe rabbit that weighs 10 pounds can produce as much as 300 pounds of meat in a year. 2) Rabbits produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed it takes a cow to produce 1 pound of meat - and you don't have to worry about drought, tractor fuel increases, parasites, fertilizer, or the weather! Click on the "NZW and Altex Rabbits" button below for more information.

Click on the button to the left for our location and how to contact us regarding rabbits for sale or rabbit meat. We are also happy to correspond by e-mail with those who are looking for a little advice about commercial rabbitries in general. We are not experts, but we constantly attend continuing education seminars and willingly share what we have learned.

High protein - Low cholesterol rabbit meat is a heart healthy product. We sell our rabbit meat locally direct to the public. Click on the button to the left for information on Chigger Ridge Rabbit meat and where and when you can obtain it.

We have commercially selected high quality New Zealand White rabbits for sale as a maternal meat breed. This rabbit breed is famed for its high productivity, nesting instincts, and milk production. We have also obtained the University developed ALTEX breed of rabbit. This breed was developed for a faster growing meatier animal.

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